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  • Marina Air Pumps are a great source of air for air stones bubble walls air ornaments air driven skimmers or just to add healthy water movement and oxygen to your tank!

    These pumps are the ideal combination of high performance and quiet operation. Quiet running aquarium air pump Powerflow airflow for rich oxygenated water Use with air stones ornaments and bubble walls

    Each air pump features a unique sound-dampening pump cover with soft rubber feet to suppress vibration and a durable long lasting diaphragm.

    Please note that using an air pump that is rated for a smaller tank than the one it will be used for will drastically reduce the life expectantly as the diaphrams may wear out within a few weeks. It's best to purchase one that is bigger than you need it to be.

    Specifications: Model 50: 1 outlet 5-15 gallons Model 100: 1 outlet 20-40 gallons Model 200: 2 outlets 35-60 gallons

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