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  • HARI Clay-Cal is a readily available supplement that offers pet birds the benefits of natural geophagy (which is the consumption of soil or clay for dietary benefit). Because seed diets are low in calcium it is advisable to complement your pet bird's diet with a calcium supplement. Specifically milled for pet birds this calcium-rich supplement ensures normal development and can help maintain bones the nervous system muscle function blood clotting and cardiac function. The clay in HARI Clay-Cal also helps as a digestive aid neutralizing the pH level helping to bind toxins. Bentonite clay has extremely strong adsorption and absorption properties making it ideal for total body detoxification against toxins bacteria and other impurities. Furthermore as an alkalizing agent its elevated pH level can play a critical role in the body's ability to remain healthy and resist disease. Key Features : Rich source of calcium Helps eliminate secondary toxins Creates healthy gut flora Inspired by natural clay licks For all pet birds
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