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    It only takes a little extra effort on your part to ensure that your dog's teeth stay sparkly clean with the Triple Pet Toothbrush.

    Helping to banish the dreaded doggy breath while protecting against harmful dental disease the Triple Pet Toothbrush features gentle nylon bristles that allow you to achieve the perfect brushing action every time. With little more than simple linear strokes you can scrub your dog's teeth clean while the clever tongue cleaner on the back helps to remove bacteria from the tongue. The ergonomic handle also ensures extra comfort on your hand during brushing.

    Suitable for smaller chompers pair this bad boy with a tube of dog-safe toothpaste to help maintain your dog's dental hygiene.

    Gentle nylon bristles for the perfect brush and minimal discomfort Tongue cleaner for removing bacteria on the tongue Ergonomic handle for unmatched comfort Suitable for smaller mouths

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