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  • TRIPLE PET TOOTHBRUSH LARGE Your dog's teeth may look sparkly and white now but it takes a little extra effort on your part to ensure that they stay that way. Protect your dog's teeth and gums while helping to fight the dreaded doggy breath by regularly brushing your dog's teeth with the Triple Pet Toothbrush. Designed for bigger dogs with bigger chompers this toothbrush features nylon bristles that achieve the perfect brushing action with simple linear strokes. With an ergonomic handle for incredible comfort in the hand this clever doggy toothbrush comes with a tongue cleaner on the back to help eliminate odour-causing bacteria on the tongue. Pair this bad boy with a dog-safe toothpaste to maintain a life-long smile. Gentle nylon bristles for the perfect brush and minimal discomfort Tongue cleaner for removing bacteria on the tongue Ergonomic handle for unmatched comfort Suitable for larger mouths
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