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  • This unique triple headed toothbrush gives a superior and easier clean. Three flexible heads reach all surfaces of the tooth with every stroke. Side bristles are at the proper 45 degree angle reducing the need for arm twisting. The soft outer bristles massage gums.

    The Triple Pet Toothbrush is the only brush with a padded handle for a better grip and comfort for the user and this also protects the animal.

    Winner of the Best New Imported Product Award at Adelaide SA Pet Expo 2003. Pets love this all natural sugar free vanilla flavoured toothpaste that provides fresh breath making it easy to apply. It contains tea-tree oil for healthy gums and is sweetened by stevia a natural herb. Triple Pet Toothpaste has a non-foaming tartar control formula so no rinsing is necessary.

    For smaller dogs 6.8kg-27kg

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